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Pair of pit bulls maul dog

Police consider charges following attack

Terry Halifax
Northern News Services

Inuvik (Sep 20/02) - Two pit bull terriers were allegedly ordered by their owners to attack another dog that was chained up at its Inuvik home on Monday.

The dog's owner, Derek Lindsay, said his wife was notified at work that the attack had taken place and she called him at work.

Lindsay said based on the eyewitness accounts of neighbours, the pit bulls were ordered to attack his dog.

"These two individuals were out walking their pit bulls and they just turned them loose on my dog," Lindsay said.

"They're just malicious little bastards -- they have no conscience whatsoever."

"When we got home the two had taken off with their dogs and my dog was all chewed-up here," Lindsay said.

Lindsay said he's seen the dogs running at large in his neighbourhood before and believes something needs to be done.

"It's one thing for these dogs to attack another dog, but what if they attack a kid," he asked.

His white malamute-husky "Scottie" was sent to the vet in Yellowknife and Lindsay said he'll likely be stuck paying the bill.

When the Lindsays returned home and found their dog bleeding from the head and back, they called Linda Eccles, executive director of the Beaufort Delta Regional SPCA. Eccles said there was little she could do for the animal.

"They were hoping I could give it stitches," Eccles said. "I took a look, but its ear was too badly damaged."

"It looks like the pit bull got on top of it and sunk its teeth right at the base of the ear and ripped it open."

Eccles said the dog was flown to Yellowknife's Great Slave Lake Animal Hospital.

She said she'd like to see the breed banned from town completely as other municipalities, like Edmonton and Surrey, B.C., have done.

"I'd like to see a bylaw in place to have pit bulls taken right out of Inuvik," she said.

Eccles said if the animals get into the wrong hands and are not trained properly, their temperaments change.

"They become killers -- they just run around biting."

Town manager Jerry Veltman said one of the two dogs was immediately put down.

Inuvik RCMP Cpl. Tim Beland said they are considering laying charges in the incident.

"We're looking at the Criminal Code right now, to see if there is a specific charge for when a dog is made to attack another dog," Beland said.

"The charge would probably fall under cruelty to animal legislation."

The charge carries a maximum charge of six months in jail and a heavy fine.