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Shaping up your fitness program

Healthy eating important factor to produce results

Chris Puglia
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Aug 26/02) - Honesty may the first step on the road to a healthier lifestyle. Francis Chang, a personal trainer and co-owner at Body Works Training and Rehab in Yellowknife, says his first step with clients is to make them be honest with themselves.

"Or else they won't achieve their goals," said Chang.

Adef Hamie, owner of Break-a-Way Fitness in Yellowknife, also advocates a positive, goal-setting attitude for his clients.

"The best thing for them to do is commit themselves and have goals. If they watch what they eat and stay healthy they will succeed," said Hamie.

Hamie says all fitness programs combined with healthy eating will bring results. The results will vary depending on the individual.

"It depends on how you push yourself. If you push yourself five days a week, results will not take too long," said Hamie.

Technology in the fitness industry is always changing.

Chang and Hamie say a good portion of their clients are currently using elliptical training machines.

Yoga and aerobics continue to be popular, and Chang says more women are getting into weight training.

"It's because they are more health conscious as far as osteoporosis and body image, but it's probably more body image," said Chang.

Chang recommends the natural approach to get in shape, and does not advocate using supplements.

"I think they are a waste of money and they are really hard on your body," said Chang.

Costs to get in shape also vary.

If you have want to exercise at home, prices will depend on what brand and type of equipment you require. A membership to a gym will cost between $320 and $450 a year.