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Sparking career interest

Federal employee wants to host job fair in Rankin Inlet

Kerry McCluskey
Northern News Services

Rankin Inlet (Aug 21/02) - If all goes according to plan, Rankin Inlet residents will have the opportunity to attend a career fair later this month.

Joamie Eegeesiak, the district director of the federal government's Public Service Commission, said last week she hopes to maximize an already scheduled trip into the community.

Based in Iqaluit, Eegeesiak has to travel to Rankin Inlet for a meeting between the federal government and Nunavut Tunngavik concerning Article 23 of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement. Working on a report detailing the federal government's success with implementing the article, relating to Inuit employment within the government, Eegeesiak said she also hoped to generate interest in a career fair.

"I'd like to solicit interest in the career fair so we can raise awareness about the Government of Canada," said Eegeesiak.

The event would not be limited to federal government departments, however. Eegeesiak said any private-sector business or territorial or government agency wishing to participate and spread knowledge about the jobs they have available is welcome.

"These groups work in the community and should be promoting the jobs they have available, what the job is and how people get those jobs," she said.

"We want to create awareness about staying in school and about all the positions that are available in Nunavut."

If enough interest is generated, Eegeesiak wants to hold the event Aug. 29.