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Tango needs $1,000 for surgery

Animal hospital employee raising funds

Michelle DaCruz
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Apr 03/02) - Amy Maund has a soft spot for a sweet doggy face. And thank goodness someone does, because Tango needs a mommy with patience and $1,600.

An employee at Great Slave Animal Hospital for almost five years, Maund, 18, has been raising money to pay for surgery the six-year-old rottweiler needs.

NNSL Photo

Oh, look at that face. Tango's severe knee pain can't sully her sweet disposition. - Michelle DaCruz/NNSL photo

She's short $1,000 and if she doesn't collect the rest she will have to pay for the procedure out of her own pocket.

"I just love animals. Over the years I have taken home quite a few and Tango is such a sweet dog," said Maund.

The rottweiler is scheduled to have cruciate ligament surgery, to replace the tendons in her two back knees, tomorrow.

Tango injured her knees when she ran away from her second owner. On arrival at the animal hospital she was more than 30 pounds overweight. The staff has kept her on a low-fat diet and so far she has lost 20 pounds. She still has some slimming down to do since the healthy weight for a rottweiler is 90 to 95 pounds and Tango is 118.

The complicated procedure will take place at the hospital where Tango has been living for over a month.

"The surgery takes three-and-a-half hours," said Maund.

Afterward, Tango will need six months of rehabilitation and there is only a 50 per cent chance that the surgery will be completely successful. Nevertheless, it must be done to stabilize the knee or her situation could worsen.

Tango is in constant pain, and must take anti-inflammatory medication continually. She hobbles outside once a day, to relieve herself and goes home with Maund every night.

While Tango has strength in her front legs, she needs a lift and shove to get in and out of Maund's truck and up the stairs at her house. Recently Maund threw her back out because Tango outweighs her.