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Local band's album hits the racks

Ekuinox celebrates 12-track CD recorded in Fort Smith

Derek Neary
Northern News Services

Fort Simpson (Feb 08/02) - They certainly don't suffer from writer's block, but they could have wound up with writer's cramp over the weekend.

Members of the Fort Simpson band Ekuinox autographed many copies of their new CD during a release party at the Nahanni Inn on Saturday evening.

The 12-track CD, of which there are 1,000 copies, is the culmination of song writing and numerous rehearsals since the band, as it now stands, was formed in July 2000.

This has been accomplished despite the fact that Daniel Allaire, a classically trained musician who composes the music, has spent most of that time taking a course at Aurora College in Fort Smith.

Lyricist Richard Wright said he and Allaire complement each other.

"The chemistry between Daniel and myself is just magic," Wright said. "It seems like every song we write is just getting a little stronger."

After recording a three-song demo in October 2000, Ekuinox received funding from the NWT Arts Council to help them cover the costs of the full-length CD, entitled Close Your Eyes and Fly the Blue.

They spent eight to 10 hours daily in the Fort Smith studio for 11 gruelling days last August.

The music is a mix of folk and classical rock; technically complex arrangements and simple tunes; songs featuring both love and adversity. The band prides itself on its musical range and diversity, said Wright.

"It just makes for interesting music ... every song is a story," he said. "What I've found is that people who listen to the CD, it grows on them. It's kind of exciting for ourselves."

The band has lined up interviews with a couple of radio stations in Yellowknife this week and they are planning to play at a number of musical festivals this year. The CDs are being sold on consignment at stores in several communities.

"We've got to get the music on the radio now," Allaire said.

They also hope to go back into the studio this year. Allaire and Wright wrote five more songs over the Christmas holidays and hope to have enough material to start recording again by fall, according to Allaire.