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SAMS honours students

Awards given out for perfect attendance, homework records

Malcolm Gorrill
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Jan 18/02) - There were plenty of awards to hand out last Friday afternoon at Sir Alexander Mackenzie school.

The occasion was the Attendance and Homework All Stars Assembly for the month of December, hosted by the student council.

A total of 132 students had perfect attendance for that month, with 144 students enjoying perfect homework records.

Three students with perfect attendance in each grade receive pizza certificates from Northern.

The winners in kindergarten were Christopher Church, Paul Tardiff and Cierre Muisch.

The Grade 1 winners were Nikita Larter, Cullen McLeod and Kyn Gordon-Ruben, with Grade 2 students Amie Charlie, Lakeisha Lafferty and Curtis Hendrick also taking home certificates.

The winners for Grade 3 were Connor McLeod, Dustin Gordon-Ruben and Erika Kendi. The Grade 4 winners were Gavin Short, Gordon Rogers and Anthony Bernhardt.

Joyce McLeod, Brendan Callahan and Rebecca Kaufman won certificates in Grade 5, and the Grade 6 winners were Andrew Greenland-Jerome, Justin Roland and Chelsey Smith.

For those with perfect homework, one student in each grade receives a knapsack donated by the Inuvik branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.

The winners for December were Tessie Chinna for kindergarten, Matthew Allen in Grade 1, Brittaney Watters in Grade 2, Phillip Thrasher in Grade 3, Sara Brennan in Grade 4, Wade Maring in Grade 5, and Douglas Price in Grade 6.

Natalie Davis won the draw for Grade 3 but received a pizza certificate instead, as she has already won a knapsack during this school year.

New this school year is the book and bannock activity.

Parents and guardians are invited to stay after the assembly, enjoy some refreshments and read to their children for a short time.

Principal Bernie MacLean said this event is going over big, with about 50 parents dropping by Friday.

"We're inviting parents in and love to see them," MacLean said.

"We're very pleased with the way it's going -- very good support from the community, and excellent support and pretty exciting, really."