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Kudlik winds down for season

Asbestos and PCBs stored until next summer

Kevin Wilson
Northern News Services

Pelly Bay (Nov 05/01) - Kudlik Construction has left the hamlet. The Rankin Inlet-based firm ended an abbreviated season of work cleaning up the CAM 4 site approximately 25 kilometres north of Kuugaarruk.

"The (supervisor) and the mechanic left last Wednesday," said senior administrative officer Quinn Taggart.

Crews spent most of the season scraping PCB-laden paint from building surfaces and removing asbestos from structures. About 20 residents were employed on the site.

A series of delays held up the cleanup season for five weeks. A road project that provided access to the site was postponed by environmental concerns, a fuel shortage, and an early freeze-up of the harbour.

Project manager Silvio Ricard was travelling and could not be reached by press time. However, Taggart said the hamlet is "pleased" with the way the project has proceeded.

"At this stage, the main concern is making sure the (hazardous) materials are adequately stored," he said.

The subcontractor took all the PCBs and asbestos and placed them in shipping containers stored on site. The containers were then turned around so their doors were facing each other.

"Unless someone comes at them with a giant can opener, they're completely secure, and we're very satisfied with that," said Taggart.

Cleanup resumes in June. Taggart said he expects more workers to be employed next season.