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Charity money stolen

Employees hope perpetrator realizes impact

Jorge Barrera
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Nov 30/01) - Three weeks ago someone walked up to the counter of a city coffee shop and stole charity money raised to feed and clothe a poverty stricken child in Africa.

NNSL Photo

Kayley Allin stands behind the Gourmet Cup counter, beside her is a photo of Ami Kabore, a child the coffee shop sponsors. A few weeks ago $800 raised for Kabore was stolen. - Jorge Barrera/NNSL photo

The employees at the shop are outraged over the incident and want the perpetrator to realize the damage caused.

On Nov 16, Gourmet Cup owner Leslie Bromley discovered $800 stolen from a donation basket behind the counter.

"I was mystified," said Bromley. "I was sick."

Gourmet Cup is on the second floor of the Panda II Mall.

The money donated by customers was raised for five-year-old Ami Kabore, a child living in the village of Soalga, Burkina Faso, in Africa near the Ivory Coast.

The child was chosen through the Canadian Foster Parents plan.

Employee Kayley Allin, 19, said the money was probably stolen over the Nov. 11 long weekend.

She said stealing the money would take guts but could be easily done.

"It could've happened while we were washing dishes at the other end," said Allin.

Allin said customers moved by the theft have donated $700 over the last couple of weeks to make up for the loss. The money is now locked away at the back of the store.

The coffee shop has a history of supporting charities. It supports a local cause every month. They began the foster parent plan in March with a $400 donation.

Allin said part of the money raised this time around would go to Yellowknife's Adopt a Family.

In an open letter to the perpetrator sent to Yellowknifer, Allin wrote: I hope you are satisfied. You can now get fat on (Ami's) misfortune."

Employees forfeit tips for donations. Allin said she didn't see the point in calling the police, as she doubted the perpetrator would ever be found.