HWater and coffee under new roof
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Water and coffee under new roof

Labour shortage causes construction delays

Thorunn Howatt
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Oct 03/01) - Tools, lumber and drywall are proof there's construction in Clear Arctic Springs' warehouse. But an absence of workers concerns president Peter Austin.

NNSL photo

Peter Austin, president of Clear Arctic Springs bottled water company as well as a distributer for Nestle coffee, holds water jugs in the new water plant. Austin has to move his business from its previous location by Oct. 15. The new digs will be located on Old Airport Road. - Thorunn Howatt/NNSL photo

"Where are they today?" questioned Austin as he surveyed the new 4,000 square foot home of the bottled water and custom coffee company.

"They are off doing other jobs."

Austin has to move his business from its previous location by Oct. 15. That's when new tenants take over. He points out where the water filtering system will be and shows the spot where bottles will line the wall.

"We'll have a pick up window so people can pick up product at a reduced rate and not pay delivery fees," he said.

After $60,000 worth of changes, the leased building on Old Airport Road will also house Tundra Transfer, a company that services coffeemakers and sells Nestle coffee.

Austin and partner Annette Hart have been in the coffee business for five years and water for seven. They were two years in the previous location.

"It's growing. It's growing," said Austin.

The water business has nearly doubled in two years, he said.

"People are afraid of the city water systems these days," said Austin.

He explained there is nothing wrong with Yellowknife water but Clear Arctic Springs offers "filtered water without the chlorine taste. The water comes from the city system and is filtered via reverse osmosis. It takes out the chemicals and any arsenic if there is any," said Austin.

The new showroom will be complete with coffee-tasting.

"If you're interested in coffee or buying our product we will brew the coffee for you and you can taste it. Or you might be interested in seeing how a different machine works," said Austin.

The cabinets that will be the home of the tasting area are stacked one on the other waiting for installation.

"We have to be out of the other place in two weeks. I think it will come together but everyone is so busy. We're just standing in line," he said.