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Strategic meeting

Jorge Barrera
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Sep 28/01) - City councillors will gather near the shores of Prelude Lake for a retreat Saturday morning.

There will be no agenda, no issues, no Bourinout's Rules, just the easy flow of conversations without any motions, seconds or votes.

"We're going to meet as people and not be stuck with agendas and topics," said Mayor Gord Van Tighem.

Earlier this week a tentative agenda circulated among councillors.

The agenda included Giant Mine, the highway toll and council procedures. But in the end councillors decided to scrap structure and issues, said Coun. Ben McDonald.

"Everyone has said they don't want to talk about that," said McDonald.

It's a good time for some mending. Last Monday's meeting split council and left politicians steaming. Council couldn't agree on its "goals and objectives," forcing Van Tighem to break the tie vote on whether to approve the list.

The list sets the budget framework for city bureaucrats drafting the budget.

In previous comments, Coun. Wendy Bisaro said it seems opposing sides didn't listen to each other. It was a feeling expressed in private by other councillors.

"We're trying to get things done in a civilized and respectful way," said McDonald. "Respect is falling," said Coun. Dave Ramsay. "We need some team building."

Councillors are meeting at a location "near Prelude Lake Lodge." Coffee and snacks are the only expenses, said Van Tighem.