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Bergeron operating Wienie Wagon

Malcolm Gorrill
Northern News Services

Inuvik (Jun 29/01) - Local residents now have a new way to get their hands on hot dogs.

Early this month Bette Lou Bergeron started her own business, and began operating the Wienie Wagon.

"It's a self contained little unit," Bergeron explained, pointing out the wagon is unique for the area.

"They've had chipwagons up here, from what I've heard from local people, but this is the first Wienie Wagon they've had."

Visitors to the Wienie Wagon can sample footlong and regular hot dogs, as well as all beef hotdogs.

"Soon I'll have doughnut dogs, and they're dogs on a stick rolled in dough," Bergeron said.

"I'm going to see very soon about having caribou dogs."

Bergeron explained she's tried hard to give her Wienie Wagon a personal touch, and has gotten a canopy to go around it for special occasions.

"It just gives a nice, homey kind of feeling," she said. "It's very social."

Bergeron sets up her wagon at different spots during the week, and also shows up for special events such as Midnight Madness. She said business has been good so far.

"When I go out, I usually sell out almost every time, with the stock I bring. I don't know from day to day how much I'm going to need, but just over the past two weeks -- and the few times I've been out during the night and the day -- I pretty well know now what's in demand."

Bergeron said she enjoys the fact she's outside, and that she's having a lot of fun.

"Local people really appreciate it. So I'm really happy to put something back in the community that people like and they want."