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Support staff sign new deal

More money for wages and awards

Mike W. Bryant
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Jun 01/01) - Support staff for Yellowknife Catholic Schools have ratified a new collective agreement.

Approximately 50 members of the Union of Workers Local 30, which represents the support staff, met last Tuesday night to vote in the new contract.

"People are pleased," said Barbara Wyness, research and public relations officer for the Union of Northern Workers. "Everybody's quite pleased about it."

No numbers were given on how many employees supported the agreement.

The support staff, which includes classroom assistants, secretaries, librarian technicians and maintenance workers will receive a three per cent wage increase every year for the next two years, plus a wage re-opener option for the third year.

In addition to better wages, support staff will be entitled to a new long-term appreciation award. An employee working five years for Yellowknife Catholic schools will receive a payment of $500, a 10-year employee will receive $1,000, and 15 years will net an employee $1,500.

There were also added provisions for employees needing sick leave and medical transport, and maintenance staff will have a $200 a year clothing allowance.

Chairperson for Yellowknife Catholic Schools, Larry Purcka, could not be reached for comment, but in a joint press release he reiterated the goodwill express by the union.

"The negotiations were very non-adversarial," said Purcka.

"We concentrated on the issues and respected the good working relationship that exists between the two parties."