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Anderson announces projects

Dawn Ostrem
Northern News Services

Inuvik (Jun 18/01) - Anderson Resources spent at least $30 million on drilling in the NWT and will be back again this winter after a summer of seismic exploration.

Heather Taylor, the company's Northern affairs and regulatory co-ordinator, told a public meeting in Inuvik last week that "anybody this past winter who wanted a job, and could pass the drug and alcohol screening, had a job."

Seismic work is expected to begin in the Inuvik area July 1.

Other projects include seismic work near Mason Bay and Summer Island and in the Beaufort Sea north of North Point.

The company will also identify areas for future seismic exploration on the Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula and on private land in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.

The company is hiring local drilling company Akita/Equtak to set up two rigs this winter.

Pete Millman, representing Anderson's health, safety and environment department, said that the company is committed to consulting early with residents.

Anderson has invested in seal research, archaeological studies, vegetation studies and marine mammal monitoring, he said.

"We need to keep finding out more about the environment we are working in," he said.

A community member also asked the representatives about stress de-briefing and brought up an accident last year in which a drill worker was killed on the job.

"It is up to each individual company," Taylor said. "I recognize it does need to be extended beyond the company and into each individual community. It is something we can look into."

Anderson Resources is the fourth largest gas exploration and development company in Canada. The representatives also held meetings in Aklavik and Tuktoyaktuk.