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I need a drink!

When you just can't wait

Phil Duffy
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (May 28/01) - A thirsty smash-and-grab thief did $1,000 damage Friday as he plundered the Yellowknife liquor store for a $15 bottle of wine.

"The whole thing is kind of funny, it's also sad, and it's certainly a pain in the butt," said store manager Edward Eggenberger.

At 5:17 am a lone male crashed through the glass front door, broke a couple bottles of vermouth, grabbed a bottle of wine, and then smashed himself an exit through a large side window.

The thief was in the store for about a minute and a half, and was captured on security video camera for the whole time.

"I received a call from Arctic Alarm at about 5:20 this morning informing me the alarm had been activated," Eggenberger said.

"When I arrived here I confirmed that there was indeed a break-in and I immediately contacted the RCMP, who are looking at the security tapes right now."

The front door was as good as new by lunchtime, and the side window was replaced shortly after that.

"A rough estimate for the replacement cost for the glass on the door is about $300, and the cost of the side window is about $700," said Mike Stride from Diamond Glass.

The last time something like this happened was back in January, Eggenberger said.