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Looking for a location

Owners still want to change church into museum

Maria Canton
Northern News Services

Rankin Inlet (Jan 24/01) - Moving a building is next to impossible in the middle of winter, but the cold cannot freeze the planning process.

The fate of Rankin Inlet's original Church of the Holy Comforter Anglican Mission has been decided, but what remains to be seen is when it will happen.

After being purchased last summer for $2,000 by Tapirit Development Limited, it was decided that the 50-year-old church, which was built by the late Rev. Armand Tagoona, would be renovated and turned into a theological museum.

But the building has to be moved off main street, where it is currently located, to make room for a roadway. And that is creating problems.

The hamlet hasn't decided where the building can be moved, but they say it has to go.

The church's wood floor is built directly onto the ground, which may make it difficult to move.

"Anything is possible, we have airbags we use to jack up the building, but we haven't even had a chance to look yet," said Howard Green of Sanajiit Construction.

"If we can't lift the floor that's a different story, but like I said, it still could be possible."

A spokesperson for the hamlet said the Planning Committee will play a role in deciding where to move the building, but since municipal elections were held in December things will likely be on hold for awhile.

The president of Tapirit Development Ltd., which purchased the church from the Pulaarvik Kablu Friendship Centre last summer, says a museum will still come out of the deal.

"Our plans haven't changed at all, we're just waiting for the hamlet to tell us where to put it," said David Simailak.