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Town cracks down on strays

New dog bylaw in the works

Dawn Ostrem
Northern News Services

Iqaluit (Jan 22/01) - As the population of Iqaluit increases, the number if stray dogs is also on the rise and the Town wants to do something about it.

Last last year, the municipal enforcement division began to take over the dog-control service from private contractors.

"We are trying to promote the adoption of animals we pick up and only shoot them in extreme cases," said chief bylaw officer Terry Augustus.

In December there were 47 complaints of dogs lost or on the loose.

Bylaw officers caught 35. Of those 11 were adopted out, six returned to their owners, and 18 were put down.

Strays are taken to a kennel and kept for a minimum of 48 hours.

Pictures of the dogs are posted around town in the hopes owners will claim their dogs.

Municipal enforcement is working with veterinarian Dr. Heather Priest to perform more humane methods of euthanization when dogs are either sick or too aggressive.

Augustus attributed about half of the dogs killed last month due to an outbreak of distemper.

A new dog control bylaw is in the works.