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Homeowners request help

City could exercise its right to take over Con Trailer land lease

Jorge Barrera
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Jan 10/01) - City councillors faced their first big decision of 2001 at Monday night's city council meeting.

At the meeting, Soren Thomassen, president of the Con Camp Trailer Association asked council to support Con Camp trailer homeowners in a bid to buy their land, avoiding expulsion.

"What we would like to see is the city put in water and sewer and sell us the lots," said Thomassen of a best case scenario. But his request boils down to the city taking over the lease after Mirimar hands the land back over to the Government of the Northwest Territories in the next four years. Because the land is within Yellowknife limits, the city gets first crack at it.

Currently Mirimar --owner of Con Mine -- handles the trailer park's utilities and pays the land lease to the GNWT.

Councillors were sympathetic to Thomassen's request but asked for more information.

"To me they are citizens of Yellowknife and require consideration," said Dave McCann separately.

"We have to look at cost structure, options and different ways of solving this," he said.