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A new face hits campus

Kathleen purchase to replace Mike Shouldice

Tara Kearsey
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Dec 06/00) - Aurora College in Yellowknife has a new campus director.

Kathleen Purchase, formerly of Fort Smith, has been chosen by college president Maurice Evans to replace Mike Shouldice and take over leadership of the Yellowknife campus on Jan. 8. The campus director oversees daily operations at the college and works with local leaders and educators to meet regional education and training needs.

Purchase first came to the North in 1977 after graduating from the teachers college at Queen's University in Ontario. She first accepted a teaching position in Rae-Edzo and then worked in Resolute Bay before joining the staff at Arctic College in Iqaluit.

She then worked at the Aurora College Fort Smith campus for six years and recently completed her Master of Education degree at the University of Western Ontario.

"Then this opportunity arose when Mike Shouldice left and I thought it would be great, a good opportunity to use my experiences and knowledge but in a slightly different way," said Purchase.

As the new campus director, Purchase has several goals in mind.

First, to familiarize herself with the North Slave communities, then she hopes to work towards delivering a Nursing degree program at the Yellowknife campus.

She would also like to work more closely with Diavik and BHP diamond mines to deliver all the training programs they would like Aurora College to offer.