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Strange sights

Little green men and lights in the sky

Kerry McCluskey
Northern News Services

Taloyoak (Dec 04/00) - Pat Lyall has never seen any little green men traipsing about the tundra. Nor has he ever been abducted or ordered by anybody to take anybody else to his leader.

Pat Lyall

But -- and for some this will require a great leap of faith -- he has seen a genuine, bona fide unidentified flying object, more commonly known as a UFO.

"I've seen about four of them over the last 20 to 25 years," said Lyall, in a tone that dares you to laugh or doubt him.

The first sighting happened when he was on a plane two decades ago. (For those with aspersions ready to drip off your tongue, please note that several other people aboard that same plane -- including the pilots -- swear they saw it, too.)

"When we took off, we saw the lights out the window at quite a distance," said Lyall.

"The pilots radioed ahead to Cambridge Bay and asked if anybody was flying. They said there was no other aircraft. Then the lights just disappeared," he said.

Cambridge Bay resident James Eetoolook was also on that plane.

"The pilot pointed it out to us," said Eetoolook.

"It didn't scare me, but there was an eerie feeling with that light in front of us. What's going to happen to us was what I thought."

As for what beings from another planet want from people in the Kitikmeot, Eetoolook speculated it might have something to do with the abundant resources.

"Maybe it's the diamonds," he suggested.

Dennis Lyall is another of the many residents who has spotted odd sights under the Northern lights.

"It was a clear evening," said Dennis, brother to Pat.

"My wife and I watched this football shape with blue lighting going to the south and then it just shot straight up and disappeared," he said, adding that he'd learned to spend quite a bit of time gazing towards the heavens.

"I'm always on the look-out for strange lights," he said.

UFO buff and Yellowknife resident Blaine Wasylkiw said he found Northern sightings more believable than many of the other stories submitted to his Web site (www.ssimicro.com/~ufoinfo). "People in the North aren't jumping onto the whole abduction bandwagon. Their sightings just seem more honest."