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New board in works

Canadian Cancer society looking for volunteers

Glen Vienneau
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Dec 20/00) - In a move to form a board of directors, the Canadian cancer society is changing its mission for the North in the new year.

"That way, we're not burning out our staff and not burning out our volunteers," said program co-ordinator Arlene Yaceyko.

Trying to establish a new board of directors is the priority for the Canadian Cancer Society, Alberta/NWT division, she said.

"Once we get a board together, there will be more people to sit down to help plan the different events," explained Yaceyko.

Plans to establish a board in the territories is intended to relieve some strain from staff and existing volunteers. "It was just way too much to handle and it put a big strain on our volunteers," said Yaceyko.

The board will essentially be responsible to the committees and will also be able to recruit more volunteers for such events as the door-to-door campaign.

Yaceyko will be spending the first couple of months in the new year recruiting for the 8 to 12 volunteer board members needed and to build a larger volunteer base.

Under the same plan, Yaceyko is also looking at spreading the society's four major fund-raisers throughout the year in order to ease off more strain.

"What happened is that we had four major events in the first six months of the year," she said.

To solve this, she proposed combining the Cops for Cancer and Jail'n Bail campaigns in May or June, rather than holding the Jail'n Bail in October or February, she said.

The daffodil campaign, normally held in March, and door-to-door campaign, normally held in August or September, will continue as usual.

"What we want to do is spread that over the calender a little bit more, Yaceyko said.

All monies donated for the fund-raisers will go towards accomplishing the society's mission such as cancer research, early detection, preventive education, patient services and advocacy for healthier public policies.

Those wanting to donate items such as hair pieces for chemotherapy patients may request a business receipt. By doing so, this will enable the NWT division to keep those items permanently within the territory.