Hangin' with the bikers
Harley's hosts 5th annual Show and Shine

Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Jun 21/00) - It was Revvin' Mad Daze outside Harley's Hard Rock Saloon on Friday.

The club held its 5th Annual Show and Shine motorcycle fundraiser during Raven Mad Daze celebrations.

About 25 motorcycle enthusiasts lined up their bikes on the street outside the club this year, says Harley's co-owner Fred Squires.

The event is held annually to raise money for the Stanton Regional Hospital Foundation.

The bikers hand out free hotdogs and pop to kids, accepting donations in return.

Squires says the bikers get in on the fun as well. Each motorcycle is given a number and everyone gets a chance to vote on their favourite one.

Squires was the winner in the Best Harley Davidson category this year, and Nancy Jacobs-Young was awarded first place in the Best in Other category for her Yamaha motorcycle.

"This is just to get people aware of just how many nice motorcycles there are around town ... many people don't realize that until they go to Midnight Madness," says Squires.

The motorcycles parked outside Harley's this year are valued, on average, at about $20,000 each, according to Squires.

Nancy Jacobs-Young has attended Show and Shine for the past four years.

"People come here to have fun," says Jacobs-Young.

"Zero dash four," she tells a little girl. "Sorry, I'm promoting my bike here."

Jacobs-Young had an advantage over the other bikers -- she works at a day-care centre.

"I've got 60 kids voting on my bike," she says, laughing.

Ahh, that's how she snatched first place.

But it doesn't really matter who wins, says Squires.

"(Show and Shine) gives everybody something different -- that's what midnight madness is all about."