Made in Yk
City-made kiosks are a big hit

Tara Kearsey
Northern News Services

Yellowknife ( May 26/00) - Three tourist information kiosks located on Franklin Avenue are attracting plenty of favourable attention.

Greg Kehoe, City of Yellowknife's manager of public works, says tourists have been seen looking at them.

"That's a really positive development in our eyes," Kehoe says.

The three kiosks are currently located on Franklin Avenue near Northern Images, the post office and the CIBC, and one more will be installed next week.

Displaying a map of downtown Yellowknife, pictures of various sites within the city, historical information and space for public events notices, the kiosks were designed and built by three local businesses.

Aven's Associates Ltd. co-ordinated the project by writing the history and sourcing the photos; Inkit Ltd. designed the art work; and Doug York at Northern Service and Supply Ltd. built the kiosks.

The photos were supplied by Raven Tours, the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, and the City of Yellowknife.

"They worked with us to make the kiosks' layout beautiful," says Kehoe.

He says the location for the fourth kiosk has not yet been determined, as the opinions of downtown merchants are being sought before the decision is made.

"We'll pretty well be taking a soft approach to try to site where people want them."

In other beautification efforts, the City of Yellowknife banners are expected to be posted on the Franklin Avenue ornamental streetlights by Raven Mad Daze.

"We're hoping to have everything done on Franklin by then," says Kehoe.