Gas fuels CPI jump

Yellowknife ( May 24/00) - Big increases in the cost of fuel in April led to a jump in the cost of living in Yellowknife, according to Statistics Canada figures released by the NWT Bureau of Statistics last week.

Fuel oil rose 44 per cent in April, while the cost of gasoline at the pump increased 21 per cent.

For the month of April, the all-items consumer price index rose 2.1 per cent in Yellowknife, compared to April 1999.

Other factors contributing to the increased consumer-price index were higher costs for fresh vegetables, men's clothing and travel services.

Prices were also up for inter-city transportation, food bought at restaurants, automotive parts, maintenance and repairs.

The largest contributor to offsetting the annual price increases was a 29 per cent drop in non-alcoholic beverages.

Other declines in price were for fresh fruit, women's clothing, furniture, fresh or frozen beef and household chemical products.

As for how Yellowknife's annual cost of living increase compared to other locations and the Canadian figure, the territorial capital's April to April consumer price increase was in line with Whitehorse and Canada at 2.1 per cent.

The annual cost of living in Edmonton rose 3.2 per cent in April 2000 compared to April 1999.