Hearing the word
Bible study in Coral Harbour

Darrell Greer
Northern News Services

Coral Harbour (May 01/00) - The word of God was being studied in Coral Harbour this past week in a big way.

More than 200 people descended upon the hamlet from across Nunavut and Quebec to take part in a Bible studies program.

The week-long program ran from April 23 to 28.

Pat Netser participated in the program and helped organize billeting for the visitors.

He says the group took Bible studies class in the day and conducted services every evening during the week.

"The program was delivered by people from various denominations who are filled with spirit," says Netser.

Pond Inlet's Charlie Inuarak is the founding president of the Qiatuq Society which delivers the Bible studies program.

Netser says the society holds an annual meeting and it's decided through prayer where the next studies program will be held.

The Coral Harbour event was the society's fifth annual.

"The main focus of the program was to follow the ways of God according to the Bible, as opposed to the way of modern churches," says Netser.

"It's all Bible-based in following the ways of what God wants us to do as opposed to, let's say, man's ways and philosophies."

Netser says the mood was upbeat all week long among program participants and the community.

He says Christ changes lives and people need to know the love of Christ and what he can do for those who are willing to submit to him.

"Almost everybody in the hamlet billeted one or more of the participants and the community is very grateful for these people coming in.

"This was the first one of this size that Coral has hosted and there was a real joyous feeling in Coral since it began."