. City proposes improved bus routes
Council will vote on changes at Tuesday's meeting

Tara Kearsey
Northern News Services

Yellowknife ( May 19/00) - Active users of the Yellowknife bus system can expect improved route service by next month.

There will no longer be a need for Route 2, as both buses will now be operating on identical routes. That means there will be two Route 1 buses operating every half hour.

According to city clerk Tim Mercer, transit patrons have expressed frustrations about not knowing which route to take. Both routes are currently identical except one goes into Kam Lake and the other down Forrest Drive.

"It's a little bit confusing for people to know which bus to get on," says Mercer.

The Yellowknife airport and the Stanton Regional Hospital service areas will also be tacked back on to the route system. Both areas have not been serviced since the city adjusted the route system in September.

"Those are two service areas we've seen a lot of comment on after we changed the routes," says Mercer.

Both areas will be serviced every half hour and a bus stop will be erected outside the airport terminal.

Discussions regarding route changes came about after the city circulated an opinion poll to bus drivers and patrons.

City council has not approved the route changes as of yet.

The issue will be discussed during Tuesday night's city council meeting.