A little R&R in Rankin
Women's retreat relaxing, informative

Darrell Greer
Northern News Services

Rankin Inlet ( May 17/00) - Eight women who attended a retreat in Rankin Inlet earlier this month are feeling a little more relaxed.

The second annual Kataujaq Society Safe Shelter Women's Retreat was a day for the participants to celebrate women, get in touch with their inner-selves, welcome spring, and just plain pamper themselves in a fun, laid-back environment.

The Kataujaq Society Safe Shelter's executive director, Evelyn Thordarson, says women from various agencies who help the society throughout the year were invited. The retreat was funded through Brighter Futures.

The food and prizes donated by individuals, businesses and the Department of Education, coupled with informative workshops, made for a relaxing, yet constructive day, said Thordarson.

"We had talks on self-esteem and Tara Tootoo Fotheringham from the Early Childhood Education program conducted the true colours workshop," says Thordarson.

"It was very informative, but it was also a lot of fun for the women.

"There was a lot of laughing throughout the day and it was kind of nice to sit back and poke fun at ourselves."

Alison Coman helped organize the retreat and says the retreat was illuminating due to the varying backgrounds of the women.

"I found the day very stimulating and I really got a lot out of it," says Coman.

"It was really low key and enjoyable. It was nice to sit around and talk and hear about people's different lives."

Coman says she had never taken part in the true colours workshop before and found it incredibly interesting to see how each participant's personality differed and how that related to both their home life and professions.

"It was interesting to see how one person can be an 'orange' personality and the other 'gold,' yet they work really well together.

"It was great to have a group together to just promote a nice, relaxing day for women. It was a nice change of pace -- one which everybody really seemed to thoroughly enjoy."