Spelling bee in Baker Lake
Crowds pack gym to watch students compete

Darrell Greer
Northern News Services

Baker Lake ( May 17/00) - S-u-c-c-e-s-s.

That's the way you spell the results of Baker Lake's second annual Jonah Amitnaaq secondary school spelling bee, held recently at the school gymnasium.

Spelling Bee co-ordinator Clara Noah said this year's event built upon the strength of the original spelling bee in 1999, and hopes are already running high that next year's event will be even bigger.

A total of 31 students competed in this year's event, as a large crowd of supporters packed the gym.

"We had four categories in the spelling bee, intermediate (grades 7 and 8), junior (grades 9 and 10), senior (grades 11 and 12) and school staff," says Noah.

"We also had several door prizes drawn during the event and everybody went home happy."

In the intermediate category, the first-place plaque and $225 in cash went to Kevin Stoddard. Chris Cooper received $175 and a cookbook from the Prenatal Nutrition Program for second place, and Oscar Ookowt received $125 and a cookbook for third.

In the junior category, Clifford Kreelak captured the first-place plaque and $225 in prize money. Marjorie Kaluraq took second and received $175 and a T-shirt from the Baker Lake Heritage Centre, and Valerie Pudnak received $125 and a T-shirt from the Prenatal Nutrition Program for third.

In the senior category, Lorraine Niego claimed the first-place plaque and $225. Susan Oovayuk was second and received $175 and a sweater from Calm Air, and Douglas Igookyouak got $125 and a Calm Air sweater for third place.

The first-place prize of a five-gallon gas ticket for staff members was claimed by Bob Weber.

"The room was filled with great suspense and all the competitors did great," says Noah.

"The spelling bee was well worth the time and effort. We'd like to thank everyone for their tremendous contributions to the event and I hope everyone will donate to the third annual spelling bee."