One new building coming up
City permit is for new hotel and restaurant

Jorge Barrera
Northern News Services

Yellowknife ( May 12/00) - What was once a prime tobogganing site along Franklin Avenue has fallen to dynamite and bulldozers.

Three lots on the corner of 48th Street and Franklin Avenue are under construction.

What is being constructed on the site is uncertain.

Nova Construction is behind the development. Nova Construction owner Mike Mrdjenovich says he's not sure what he will be building there.

"It could be an office tower, it could be a hotel," Mrdjenovich says.

According to Mrdjenovich, it all depends on whether the federal government is looking for office space.

"If the government wants office space it will be an office tower. If not then it will be a hotel."

As far as the city is concerned, Nova Construction is building a three-story, 43- room hotel with a restaurant and parking out front.

"A request for a permit to build a hotel was submitted around March 10," says Dave Jones, city planner.

"The permit was approved May 8."

Mrdjenovich says that he designed the foundation to handle either an office tower or a hotel. Ace Enterprises is currently removing blasted rocks from the site.

"We should be done Friday," says back-hoe operator Carl Rossignol.

If Mrdjenovich were to build an office tower he could not begin immediately. According to the city, he would have to submit new plans and a new proposal for a 'permit. This could take anywhere from a week to a couple of months.

"It's a substantial project," says Jones.

"The original plan took a while to receive approval."

Submitting a new proposal could raise costs for Nova Construction. Mrdjenovich is not worried.

"I'm used to paying," he adds.

"It doesn't matter if it costs me more money."