Hunting for treasures
Committee raises awareness

Darrell Greer
Northern News Services

Rankin Inlet (May 10/00) - The list of items would have made a junk dealer proud.

Used postage stamps, Band-Aids, pennies, nickels and birthday candles were a few of the treasures 75 people looked for during the Inuksugait Committee's recent Scavenger Hunt in Rankin Inlet. Inuksugait provides activities for those in the community who are physically-challenged or shut-ins.

Committee members include founding member Rosalie Pissuk, Susan Samngushak, Lynn Rudd and Rita Aupilardjuk.

Rudd says scavengers were divided into age categories of five to nine years old, 10-15 years old, 16-21 and 22 and older. There were cash prizes in each group of $75, $50 and $25.

"Everyone seemed to really have a good time with this," says Rudd.

"There were a few people who weren't too sure about how to go about finding the items. I had to go and tell them to go back home to find everything on the list and the first one back wins first prize."

The adult group had the most participants and Rudd says they had as much fun as the kids. Everyone was asked to show up wearing a jersey, T-shirt or sweatshirt of their favourite hockey team over their parkas.

"There were a few who didn't have a jersey, but we gave them the sheets anyway. I'd have to say the Toronto Maple Leafs were the most popular out of all the jerseys worn."

The time to complete the hunt ranged from 90 minutes to about three hours.

Rudd says the main reason for the hunt was to raise awareness of the committee and the role it plays in the community.

"The Inuksugait Committee has been running for about two years and a lot of people don't know about the work we do, so we try to have a few things going on here and there to make people more aware of us.

"Hopefully, events like this will help us to get more members to join. We're always looking for more volunteers."