What a lineup

Yellowknife (Mar 17/00) - The Far North Film Festival's offering of Canada's best films of 1999 is back for another year.

For the second consecutive year, film buffs and lovers of the Canadian cinematic tour de force can sit back and view a lineup of five fantastic celluloid successes.

Felicia's Journey, Atom Egoyan's latest release, adapts a psychological thriller from William Trevor. Starring Bob Hoskins, this film is a mixture of modern horror story and Shakespearean morality tale.

The Five Senses, by Jeremy Podeswa, is a poignant drama pivoting around the five senses -- touch, taste, hearing, smell and vision -- and the lives of numerous characters, each searching for a significant and intimate human connection.

Four Days, a psychological thriller, focuses on the Kid, the 14-year-old son of small-time crook Milt, who plans to cheat his partner out of his share of a bank heist. The results of the heist are tragic for all involved. Starring Kevin Zegers, William Forsythe, Colm Meany and Lolita Davidovich.

Top of the Food Chain explores the aftermath of the closure of the Nut Factory, when little remained for the residents of Exceptional Vista save TV, sex and fishing...until someone or something starts eating the townsfolk. This hilarious sci-fi spoof has been called the funniest Canadian movie ever made.

The Divine Ryans tells the story of Draper Doyle, whose father has died under mysterious circumstances. The Ryans, a family of priests, nuns and undertakers, conspire to cure the young man. The 1966 Stanley Cup game featuring the Montreal Canadiens punctuates the film's action.

The film fest will run during the Caribou Carnival. See a future edition of Yellowknifer for more on this exciting lineup.