Carnival fever
Deejay mix off is one of many new events planned

Catherine Gillis
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Mar 17/00) - There are cool new events and brand-new tents at the year 2000 Caribou Carnival.

This year's carnival, which kicks off Friday, March 31 and continues to Sunday, April 2, promises to be better than ever, according to organizers Julia Mott and Peggy Wilkes.

And they're very excited to be a part of this great event.

Some of the new events include the Teen Dome, a snowboarding event, a deejay mix off and much, much more.

Flint Palmer, deejay at the Industry, is in charge of co-ordinating the deejay mix off.

"This event is for all ages," says Palmer.

"It's gonna be great. All the deejays in town will have a chance to show their stuff and play their music. They also have a chance to win cool prizes."

Along with the new events, the tried and true events that Yellowknifers have come to know and love will return.

The Sugar Shack, a Caribou Carnival tradition, is still going strong. And this year there will be something new at the shack for those looking to satisfy a sweet tooth -- different coloured tongue depressors. Don't worry, it's safe to eat off them.

At this stage, co-ordinators Mott and Wilkes are still finalizing what activities will be held at the carnival, so get ready for some surprises.

If you are interested in volunteering your time for Caribou Carnival, visit the carnival office, located on the second floor of Centre Square Mall, next to the library.

"If you can use a stapler, push a button, or answer a phone, then you are encouraged to stop by the office and apply," says Wilkes.

And for those who haven't bought a carnival button, you better do it soon or you could find yourself behind bars.

"Caribou Carnival buttons are being sold almost everywhere. Buttons are currently being sold at 60 locations throughout Yellowknife, and more are being sold everyday. So if you don't have a button yet then I suggest you get one or else you might get thrown in jail by the Caribou Capers," says Wilkes.