Parks Day
Prospector Trail could be hidden gem

Glen Korstrom
Northern News Services

NNSL (July 16/99) - As Yellowknifers get ready to mark Parks Day tomorrow, Fred Henne Park operations manager and city councillor Dave Ramsay has a suggestion.

"An idea is to let the city give up the Folk on the Rocks site and give it to the Territorial Parks," Ramsay said earlier this week.

"Maybe run a trail all the way up that one side of the lake and maybe all the way around Long Lake. That's something I'd like to see at some point in time because it's such a beautiful area and there's a trail system."

But for the weekend, there will be co-ordination between the Folk on the Rocks Festival and the Fred Henne Park site.

While enthusiastic Folk on the Rocks fans take in music and entertainment at a site on the Long Lake side of Highway 3 adjacent to the airport, face painting and hiking will take place right next door at Fred Henne Park.

"We've got a really good Prospector Trail that maybe some people in Yellowknife don't know a great deal about," Ramsay said.

"During the summer we have guided tours on that trail."

People hiking on Fred Henne Park trails may even hear Folk on the Rocks sounds as it carries through the air.

Ramsay said the theme of this year's special outdoor day is "Take a Hike," and he is encouraging people to try the Prospector Trail.

"We encourage people to come out and have a look at it and enjoy the summer."

Rates for RV sites at Fred Henne Park is $15 a night. Tent pad sites are $10 per night.

All vehicles entering the park are charged $5 as a way to limit dust and create some available parking spots.

"It's free to walk in and there's a huge parking lot across from the airport that is that size for a reason -- so people can park there and walk down."