Coffee -- Northern style
Local business offering Northern brew

Jennifer Pritchett
Northern News Services

NNSL (Nov 20/98) - Wanna cup of Northern java?

Well, Yellowknifers who want a little taste of the North in the morning can now try such blends as Ragged Ass, Aurora, and Old Town.

Mama Meraglia, part owner of Georgio's restaurant, said owners of the family-run business wanted to offer their customers something with a little Arctic flavour.

"Everybody was complimenting about how good the coffee is, so we decided to sell it to them (to take home)," she said.

So, a year ago, Mergalia's son Rocco decided to market the java in Yellowknife as well as in other communities across the NWT.

"It's also sold in the South -- in Vancouver," she added.

She credits her son Rocco with the idea for the coffee, known as Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters Yellowknife.

"Because Rocco is a very good businessman and he likes to try new things all the time," she said.

And, it's proving to be a popular alternative to the traditional South American coffees.

"Very popular -- people are coming in and ordering the coffee when they come in for a meal and then buying it to take home," she said.

Ragged Ass is one of the biggest sellers.

"Probably because of the name," said Meraglia with a smile.

The Aurora is a light blend and Old Town is the strongest of the three.

Sold by the 200 gram bag, the coffee costs $12.95 and can also be sold by the pound, added Meraglia.

Gift orders are also taken with their own label.

The coffee is also available at such locales at the Trapper's Cabin, the Explorer, and the Northern Visitors Centre.

And, a lot of people are buying the coffee as gifts, particularly for friends and relatives in the south, she said.

The Northern coffees are also used for cappuccino and other specialty coffees at Georgio's.

"Great with dessert," said Meraglia.