CPI declines
Price declines noted for food, electricity and fuel oil
All-items CPI (1992=100)
%change from

Sept98 Aug98 Sept97 Aug98 Sept97
Yellowknife 108.2 108.7 109.0 -0.5 -0.7
Edmonton 109.4 110.2 108.9 -0.7 0.5
Whitehorse 111.5 111.6 110.6 -0.1 0.8
Canada 108.6 108.8 107.8 -0.2 0.7

NNSL (Nov 11/98) - Statistics Canada reports the latest Yellowknife all-items consumer price index fell slightly compared to figures a year earlier.

In September, the latest month for which data has been released, CPI fell .7 per cent compared to the same month a year earlier.

By comparison, Edmonton and Whitehorse each experienced slightly higher costs of living. National figures were also up.

In Yellowknife, prices for consumer goods and services were .5 per cent lower compared to August.

Price declines were noted for food -- mainly chicken, processed meat, selected diary products, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables -- for electricity and fuel oil.

Air fares, hotel/motel charges and prices for recreational equipment and services, video equipment, household chemical products and personal-care supplies also fell, Statistics Canada said.

CPI figures from each month this year compared to the same month in 1997, show the index has declined in every case but two.