Local hero
Randy Fougere-Amyotte saves sister

Tracy Kovalench
Northern News Services

NNSL (Jul 01/98) - At just 10 years of age, Randy Fougere-Amyotte isn't quick to call himself a hero.

But after a recent near-accident involving his little sister, his family begs to differ.

One day in May, his father, Sylvain Amyotte, raced out his front door to his truck, which was parked on the street. He opened the door to find Randy on the floor with his hand pressed on the brake and his three-year-old daughter, Averi-Belle, at the wheel.

Escaping her mother's attention, Averi-Belle had left the house and climbed into her father's truck. She pulled the automatic gear shift and the truck began to roll down the street in the direction of a busy intersection.

Randy was playing nearby. He jumped off his bike, ran to the vehicle and jumped in. He leaned against the driver's door, simultaneously pressing the brake down with his hand to stop the truck.

"All I know is that the truck started running and I seen her through the back window," said the Fougere-Amyotte.

After Amyotte helped the children out of the vehicle, Randy hugged his sister and told her he loved her. He put his bike away and started to cry.

"I felt a little bit crazy," says Fougere-Amyotte. "My nerves were all shocked."

Seven years ago, Randy was involved in a similar incident. He rolled into a parked vehicle in the same truck. Past experience and quick action helped him prevent the same thing from happening to his sister.

The last two weeks have been quite eventful for the young hero. He recently celebrated his 10th birthday and was honored Good Guy of the Day by Mix 100.

The Ecole Allain St. Cyr student plans to take it easy this summer before going into Grade 5 in the fall.