Mounties making tracks in snow
Force One gives snowsled to the red coated force

by P.J. Harston
Northern News Services

NNSL (DEC 11/96) - Cops everywhere are charged with keeping the streets safe from crime and preventing senseless tragedy.

But thanks to a donation from a local company, Yellowknife's Mounties will now extend their duties onto the frozen lakes and ponds and into the area's wooded snowmobile trails.

Yes, the men and women who always get their man have turned in their horses for the keys to a brand new snowmachine.

However, where a thoroughbred tops out at a galloping 50 kilometres per hour, a 1997 Polaris Indy 600 will tear across Yellowknife's frozen, snow-covered trail at a roaring 166 km/h, full throttle.

"We'll be using it mainly for safety -- for public awareness and to participate in community events," says Const. Shawn Pollard.

He, along with Auxiliary Const. Paul Mounsey and Const. Merle Carpenter were on hand Saturday to relieve Force One owner Doug Witty of his donation to the public.

"A program like this, where we donate a machine for the police to raise the public's awareness of safety, is our way of giving something back to the community," says Witty.

"It's us working in partnership with the RCMP, for the benefit of everyone."

Pollard says programs like this one, in which a company donates a machine for the duration of the season, have been successful in the South.

"Anywhere where you have a large snowmobiling population, these programs work well," he said.

"They've had these programs going on in Alberta for three years running."

The $8,000 machine will be returned to Witty at the end of the season next spring and, if the program proves successful, he says he'll do it again next year.