'Horrible' record of violence
Man sentenced to 16 months for beating woman

by P.J. Harston
Northern News Services

NNSL (NOV 22/96) - A father of one with a history of violence who beat his girlfriend in a Yellowknife bar lobby has been jailed for more than a year.

Judge Michel Bourassa sentenced Stanley Keevik, 34, a welders' helper and heavy-equipment operator, to 16 months in jail for the drunken June 3 beating.

The two-year Yellowknife resident's repeated punches left his girlfriend of one month with a swollen face and bloody nose, court heard.

Defence lawyer Joan Mercredi told court that her client, who is from Tuktoyatuk, has a drinking problem and comes from a dysfunctional and violent family.

She explained that Keevik's wife had left him for another man.

Mercredi suggested Bourassa sentence the man to the "lower end of the scale" that the Crown was asking for.

But Crown Lawyer Bernadette Schmaltz told court Keevik's attack was unprovoked and the result of a sudden jealous rage.

"Mr. Keevik's record for violence towards women is horrible," she told court."No one should be subjected to it, neither in public nor in private."

Keevik's past record of 17 criminal convictions includes nine violent crimes of which four assaults were against another woman with whom he was in a previous relationship, Schmaltz told court.

"I find it incredible that any man can think he can make a woman love only him by simply beating her," she said.

She suggested Bourassa sentence Keevik to between 15 and 18 months in jail.

Bourassa agreed and suggested Keevik begin using Antabuse, a drug that can assist alcoholics who want to stop drinking.